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CKA Uber
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 25, 2019 7:40 pm

Aaaand today in Doug Ford’s Ontario, still more coming to light today in the Doug Ford shitshow. For a guy who’s made “stop the gravy train “ his personal political brand his team is sure hauling a lot of gravy and not finding any among his foes!

Ontario reviewing political appointments after latest accusation of nepotism

The Canadian Press
Niece of premier's former chief of staff quits Public Accountants Council

Posted: 6 Hours Ago
Last Updated: 2 Hours Ago

Ontario's government says it will review all its upcoming appointments to office, after three such appointments were scuttled by accusations of nepotism in less than a week.

Katherine Pal, an appointee to Ontario's Public Accountants Council, resigned on Tuesday after it became known that she is the niece, through marriage, of Premier Doug Ford's recently departed chief of staff Dean French.


Ford's office on Tuesday said the premier has ordered a review of "all pending appointments" and that anyone "appointed for the wrong reason … will be removed from their positions."

The statement added French "no longer has any influence in this government."

The NDP had called Pal's presence on the council another "gravy train" appointment by the Ford's Progressive-Conservative government.

"This reeks of nepotism, with paycheques, power and favours for Ford's inner circle, while everyday Ontarians get nothing but cuts," MPP Taras Natyshak said in a statement.

French himself resigned late Friday after the premier rescinded the appointments of two other people with reported personal ties to French.

A day earlier, Ford announced four agents-general appointments — positions that haven't existed in the Ontario government since the 1990s — which come with salaries between $165,000 and $185,000. The roles aim to drum up business in the province.

Doug Ford's chief of staff resigns following patronage controversy
Taylor Shields, an assistant vice-president of marketing for Chubb Insurance, was appointed to a post in London and Tyler Albrecht, a senior analyst at Optimize Capital Markets, was being sent to New York City.

The Globe and Mail reported that sources said Shields is related to French through his wife, and that Albrecht, 26, is friends with one of French's sons. A 2014 tweet from French said one of his sons and Albrecht are former lacrosse teammates.

Both appointments were revoked Friday.

Ford 'hit the roof'

A government source told CBC News that Ford "hit the roof" on Tuesday when Pal's connection to French was revealed.

"It makes him look like he doesn't know what's going on in his own office," said the source.....

That’s because Fuckup Ford doesn’t know what’s going on. Let’s continue

...."Maybe she's qualified, but if we're making a patronage appointment we should know that we're making a patronage appointment," said the source. "The fact that we didn't know is the problem. It makes cabinet look like they're culpable or incompetent."

Ford rescinds patronage appointments with reported ties to chief of staff Dean French

Public records show the cabinet order appointing Pal was made on Dec. 31, 2018....

Gee a patronage appointment made quietly on New Years eve. Nothing suspicious about that at all!

...Numerous appointments

The Ontario government has come under fire numerous times for appointments given to associates of the premier and the Progressive Conservative party.

Gavin Tighe, a Ford family lawyer and who is also acting for French in a defamation lawsuit he launched, was also appointed to the Public Accountants Council.

Ford also sparked a huge outcry when he named family friend Ron Taverner as Ontario Provincial Police commissioner, an appointment Taverner ultimately turned down.

Jenni Byrne left her post as Ford's principal secretary for an appointment with the Ontario Energy Board with an annual salary of about $197,000.

Past Progressive Conservative party president Rueben Devlin was granted a three-year term as a health-care adviser. Ford campaign adviser Ian Todd was appointed Ontario's trade representative to the United States, with a $350,000 salary, and failed Tory candidate Cameron Montgomery was appointed to lead a standardized testing organization.

Meanwhile this year the annual Ford Family neighbourhood barbecue, known as Ford Fest, became an official Conservative party-sponsored event and was moved to the Markham Fairgrounds to accommodate the Conservative party faithful from across the province. Also was a conveniently scheduled to avoid participating in the Pride festivities going on that same weekend. But there was a skunk at the garden party. Look up! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a banner! It’s the Premier getting trolled from above at his own party!!!


CKA Uber
CKA Uber
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 27, 2019 12:36 pm

Annnnnnnd Today in Doug Ford’s Ontario another one bites the dust!

Niece of Doug Ford’s former chief of staff resigns from appointment after NDP points out relation


TORONTO — An appointee to Ontario’s accountants council resigned Tuesday after the Opposition noted that she is the niece of the premier’s ex-chief of staff — who also resigned recently after other appointees were revealed to have personal ties to him.

Premier Doug Ford’s office spoke with Katherine Pal and she resigned effective immediately from the Public Accountants Council, said spokeswoman Kayla Iafelice.

The resignation follows a press release from the NDP criticizing the government for yet another “gravy train” appointment by giving a post to Pal, a niece of Dean French’s wife..... ... french/amp

How many more will there be?? Sounds like quite a few

CKA Super Elite
CKA Super Elite
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 27, 2019 1:25 pm

RobDoug Ford is exactly as I imagined. A raging lunatic.

CKA Uber
CKA Uber
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 05, 2019 6:15 pm

Today in Doug Ford’s Ontario yet another firing over nepotism from Ford’s former chief of staff, the recently canned Mr French there’s a nice twist to this one, wait for it!

This time it’s one of French’s long-time buddies and decades-long customer of his life insurance business, who was appointed to a new Deputy Minister level position the Ford government recently created back in November with $325,000 salary, budget of $2.2 Million and 11 staff, all making salaries over $100k. Now in response to the breaking news they’ve not only fired the appointee but eliminated his office.

So to repeat not only did they cancel the hiring they’ve decided to eliminate the entire office of the “strategic transformation advisor” that they just invented 7 months ago with its 11 highly paid positions (not yet filled) and it $2.2 million budget.

Ok so here’s the punchline: So just what exactly is a “Strategic Transformation Advisor” anyway? The Ford government crested the office in November with a mandate ”to drive greater efficiencies in the delivery of public services,” ROTFL. ... id=CA%3Aen

Can’t you just smell the efficiency, people?

Why if I didn’t know better Id say it’s almost like Doug and the conservative government have no fucking clue what they’re doing!

Also this week Lisa MacLeod, the recently demoted former Minister of children, community and social services, currently minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport was at a Rolling Stones concert here in Ontario in an official capacity and for some unknown reason went on a vulgar verbal attack on the owner if the Ottawa senators Eugene Melnyk who was attending the concert. :

Melnyk alleges he was on the receiving end of a profanity-laden rant from the provincial minister, telling the Ottawa Citizen that MacLeod burst through the crowd and accosted him yelling: “I am your minister and you’re a f—ing piece of s–t and you’re a f—ing loser’.”

MacLeod tweeted to “set the record straight” early Friday.
“I gave @MelnykEugene some feedback at the Rolling Stones concert and I apologized to him for being so blunt,” she wrote on Twitter.

“I have serious concerns about the state of our beloved Ottawa Senators! We need to get our team back on the road to winning the cup!”

But Melnyk took issue with MacLeod’s claim that she offered “feedback” to the hockey team owner.

“It’s important the reality of the situation is not misunderstood,” Melnyk told CP24 in an email.

“Minister MacLeod at no point offered feedback on the Ottawa Senators, but rather launched into a vulgar and profane attack in front of families and my friends.

“The ongoing characterization of the Minister’s recent comment by tweet as advice or feedback is inaccurate. I sincerely hope she will come forward and own up to her actions as a public official.”

Melnyk claims to have been left “shocked” and “upset” by the incident and complained to Ontario Premier Doug Ford.

He told CTV News he was later contacted by Ford personally.
“It was the first time we have ever spoken - and I can tell you I’m very impressed by his leadership and how he addressed this with me,” Melnyk said by email.

“Unfortunately Lisa McLeod hasn’t followed her boss’ example.”
He called out her response on Twitter saying, “her tweet this morning takes no accountability for her actions and in fact, tries to justify them.” ... id=CA%3Aen

Well at least Douggie was a nice guy about it. I’m going to guess that she was drunk at the time.

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Forum Elite
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 05, 2019 8:37 pm

Fairly outlandish behaviour by MacLeod there.

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