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PostPosted: Sun May 17, 2015 4:52 am

Below is an excerpt from another in my Darksword series, entitled "Second Chances"

"" mumbled Darius, trying to put words together. His beloved was still in imminent danger, and he could not let her be harmed. Knowing there was only one way to end the devastation, he had to use whatever he had left to stop his opponent, even if it cost him his own life. Closing his eyes, he focused harder than he ever had before, summoning whatever power he could. It was working. He could feel the power surging inside him, trying to give him enough for one final blow. Darius managed to sit up, the pain almost unbearable now. Every fibre of his being screamed out in pain, but he ignored it. He had to, for her. "" he voice trailed off as a glowing blue sphere began to form in his left palm.
The blue energy of water and ice coalesed through his arm, and the sphere was now large enough. He had no choice, as he had to act while there was still time. "No....." he began. "No more.....pain....." he said, before his eyes shot open, glowing a bright blue like the sphere in his palm. It shot out from his hand and formed a massive icicle, streaking to it's target. His opponent started to turn around, but was far too late to do anything about it. The icicle pierced him in his back and came out his chest before knocking him to ground hard. His body slid to a quick stop, before silence came upon the grassy meadow. The battle was finally over.
Knowing that his opponent was dead, Darius looked to Arielle, who was now hurrying over to his side. He managed a small grin at her before the pain became overwhelming. He tipped over on his side before rolling onto his back again. Darius' injuries were too severe. He had given everything he had to stop the evil, and succeeded, but at a high cost. Arielle threw herself down beside her beloved, and cried, cradling his head in her arms. "No!" she screamed. "Darius! Darius I need you!" she yelled, sobbing heavily. Darius moved his head slightly. "I....I love....." was all he managed, before his head sagged to one side. Darius Darksword had died, albeit saving his beloved from certain doom. It was however, small consolation.
Arielle put her head on his chest and cried. "DARIUSSSS! NOOOO!" she screamed, unable to cope with her beloved's death, which was bringing about the destruction of everything she held dear in this world. Ranier and Chandra jogged up right then and there, and found it hard to comprehend what was happening. "Arielle? What...." asked Rainer, voice trailing off. Arielle slowly turned her head towards Ranier, tears streaming down her cheeks as she cried, and looked at him whithout saying a word. Ranier's heart dropped, and his dirty and bloodied face told the tale. "Oh" he said, voice trailing off as Chandra began to cry. His best friend of many years lay dead, and he was too late to prevent it.



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