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PostPosted: Sat May 21, 2005 1:08 pm

My pride, how you have blinded me,
As anger takes my sight away;
To run from Apollo’s promised fate
Is to accept it anyway.

Condemned , to please the oracle,
And still I lived despite the odds.
Oh, a wretched son am I,
He most hated by the Gods!

Many damned do walk this earth,
None bear the curse bestowed on me:
My father’s blood spilled by my hands,
And I my mother’s lover be.

Two girls I’ve sired with my wife
(though half-sisters be they by blood)
Royalty flows through their small veins
But by my words, it should be mud.

Curse my eyes, oh curse my sight,
My clever wit and quick repose!
Blinded by the things I’ve done,
Now I shall have none of those!

My Queen, who is my mother still,
Hangs dead, a rope around her throat.
She could not bear the awful things
Upon our lives the fates had wrote.

My citizens, the innocent,
Pay for my crimes with sick and dead.
The curse that they are forced to bear
Should fall solely on my head.

As I was blind in ignorance
So darken my remaining days!
Mock the king who dared mock fate
And with eyes and spirit pays.

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