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PostPosted: Sat Dec 17, 2005 9:12 pm

we all make our own truths sometimes we have to deal with misplaced
reality, sometime we dont want to hear the words being said.

are you still angry, cuz i can't see the line's of hope drawn in yer

the summertimes of our lives do not last forever, we just breath the
wind and hope that it does.

A Reflection of Me

fall down, dont get up, best place for you to be a lost child, do i
scare you?a reflection of me growing inside u, i am dead inside, i
bet you know how that feels, what was taken from us was nothing,
what was taken from us was something,lacerated sky,what was taken
from us was hope, we continue our lives and try to forget, i see you
ina mirror every morning, apiece of my soul, a part of my past, a
reflection of me, do u see the same thing too?

this bridge, this dream this music, this scene only one thing
missing it seems, hold it tight as it fades in my hands, keep
moving ,keep booting, i can see the light at the end of the tunnel

what if you had a choice? but you went the wrong coulda had
everything, you let it slip, keep trying to hold on, it's gone, once
in a while a faded memory resurfaces, dreams become reality, life is
only so many experinces, one wrong path on this road bring's it all

a hand reaching out in the darkness to find u near-

time to carry on, dreams seem to stick around,we hold onto them, we
need something to be for tomoorow, who knows what will be?

time heals all wounds or so they say, i don't know about this one.


four walls and a funeral, this is my reward for my life, feverish
dreams, murders not yet commited, screaming out for someone,just to
hold me, someone whos just not there

siiting in my little box, afraid to face the world,melancholy
cigarette dripping from my lips, the world is a very scary place,
behind these walls, it's safe. dont have to be anyone.betryaed by
anyone.grasping at hopeless stars, barly hanging on

wearing the cloaked, mad dreams of a thousand that came before,
unbearable pain hidden within, broken, i am a man, i preserve

standing in the doorway, a reflection of who u used to be.


how can this love be unconditional when you placeso many conditions
on me expectation,explorin g an unknown that may never come,
bitterness lingering between us like two countrys at war.well if
this is war, laying my weapons downis the only option, i'm not here
to fight, it'ds unconditional, it;s love

i remeber being younger, happier, have we changed so much, we grow

if love is unconditional, why does the world place so many
conditions on us

Ghosts in the Morgue

memory dying away slowly,underage kids hiding away in the night, put
yer hands up or well blow yer balls away, ghosts in the morgue, not
yet dead are we.

running away seems the only chooice, but ive already ran away as far
as i can only choice now is to run back home

running away, like the child ill somehow always be, the world
feeling like it's closing in on me, i light another
cigarette,exprience it all leave it to none

when the dreamer is decived who does he have to fall back on?

when dreams and money are all the same, the only true freinds you
have are the ones you keep in yer back pocket.LOVE

detriot vs. toronto

here i am in the big city agian, wondering if they still talk about
me in that small town, when i left i burnt every bridge to burn,
maybe that town killed all my dreams, guess it's not always what you

my soul skipping across the river, like a stone cast of destiny

dont mistake love for loyalty becasue feelings can betray

absorbed by the darkness of the night, only the light of the full
moon remains

Piss on yer Grave


dedicated to the abusers:

just because im educated doesnt make me any less violent, the anger
is gone, the reasoning remains, a slow burning hate within my soul
now im smarter now im learned, willing to hide in the shadows and
play the system, just cuz i'm older dont think ive forgotten your
stain of abuse still taints me, everything i am i am despite of you.
i cant wait for the day isee your death. afterwards i will piss on
yer grave.

night turns to day, the morning sun burns my face, letting me know
i'm alive

peices of my soul dripping ,
into cascades of glimmering,,
a memory long since gone...
a dream long dead.
i put these hands of mine, i put my head in these hands.

at 18 i felt old,
now much older than that now,
i feel half dead,
but the blood still boils in my veins,
still so much left to do till i can sleep.

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