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PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, 2013 7:26 pm

I found a blog post that contained a very bizarre quote from former MP Monte Solberg...


Thursday’s federal budget was another important step in fulfilling Stephen Harper’s hidden agenda of making Canada recognizable again.

For 40 years “progressives” called the shots in Canada, and their influence affected and infected everything. They left big bruises on the economy, social policy, immigration, the armed forces, law, foreign affairs, cultural policy and, of course, the Constitution. Much of the Canada that we grew up with was indiscriminately swept away, good and bad alike.

Well, maybe not completely swept away. That old middle-class Canada could still be found hanging around Legions, hockey rinks and the kind of coffee shops where the only coffee they serve goes by the name “coffee.” But make no mistake — that Canada had been kicked to the curb and anyone who believed in it was expected to shut up and pay their ever-increasing taxes while their progressive masters turned their country inside out...

I only include the original blog post to show where I got Solberg's quote from. My issue here is with Solberg's quote, wherein he implies that middle-class Canadians somehow automatically vote Tory, while "progressives" are all apparently latte-sipping elitist civil servants who listen to CBC Radio One and bike to work every morning.

In my mind, Solberg's claim has one basic logic hole that you could sail a barge through:

How on Earth could those "progressives" Solberg blasts have possibly gotten into power for the last four decades without the support of a lot of those ordinary middle-class Canadians who drink Tim Hortons coffee, get up early to take their kids to hockey practice, own their own businesses, go to the Legion, and so on. After all, didn't Jean Chretien get his majorities with a rock-solid base of support in Ontario? Surely he can't be implying that every single Ontarian who voted for Chretien is some elitist civil servant or university professor?

In my experience, this type of stereotyping simply doesn't pass the smell test. I have family members who work for the Alberta public service, and yet they can be counted on to vote Tory every election. Not to mention the odd civil servant who's both a blogger and a Tory. Let's not forget how University of Calgary professors like Tom Flanagan and Rainier Knopff have been heavily involved with the federal Conservatives-Knopff was Harper's first chief of staff, while Flanagan is the party's former campaign director.

Conversely,I also have friends who own their own businesses and are heavily involved with hockey, but are lifelong Liberals who can't stand Stephen Harper. Frankly, from everything I've seen, the people who are involved with minor hockey, own their own businesses and drink Tim Hortons coffee are just as apt to vote Liberal, NDP or Green as they are to vote Tory.

I don't have the links readily to hand, but didn't the Globe and Mail even do a study a few years ago that showed that people in the "Tim Hortons crowd" tends to vote for just about every major party out there? Not to mention that, of the four major party leaders in the 2011 election, Stephen Harper's riding had the most Starbucks outlets per capita?

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