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PostPosted: Tue Nov 25, 2014 11:31 am

BartSimpson wrote:
Why would he retract something that, at the time, seemed perfectly correct?

For the same reason the Catholic Church retracted their excommunication and subsequent heresy conviction of Galileo: Because it was wrong.

The church was wrong intentionally though. Hansen was wrong because he didn't have all the data, not out of malice. The modern Catholic Church also has one of the biggest Observatories, and sends astronomer-priests to observatories all over the world.

Usually the way science apologizes is to publish a study contradicting one's own work. In any case, Hansen seems like a bit of a dick, which is why he's not my pal. ;)

BartSimpson wrote:
DrCaleb wrote:
... before pulling that fake Time Magazine cover out again.

This is the first time I heard of that thing being fake. Seriously.

You won't see it again in any of my posts.

No worries man. I know you don't always follow up on discussions, and would want to know if you've been misled.

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