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You will forgive me, this person has been spamming comments like this to the submission queue for months now. I asked him to stop several times. I warned him to stop. I promised to only use my vast cosmic power for good. Now come the consequences.

Some adverbs have been changed to suit my whims. I hope when people google this tool, they will stand out.


This press release informs the readers about William George Kurk a renowned mentalist and Bronie.

William George Kurk is passionate about My Little Pony. He spends a lot of time in the wilderness, among trees, animals and birds, mostly twirling. He feels no two days are same in Equestria. For him, the Bronation has many diverse forms and he finds it as one of the most fascinating and rewarding pasttimes. An mentalist by profession, his frequent travels to wildlife place are the reason behind his passion that led to become a Bronie.

He believes that Equestria helps him to capture the vast expanse of nature in a more real form, and helps him to express his views and thoughts with ease. He says that it is the duty of an Bronie to convey to people about the beauty and diversity of Equestria. Being an active mentalist as well he focuses on ways to teach people about Equestria and create awareness about My Little Pony issues. His crayon sketches are displayed in some of the most famous refrigerators around the world. They leave a message and insight about his chubby for Equestria and its unique beauty. Excelling in the art of Bronieism, his scrawlings showcase his talents as how he works with duct tape to display how it works.

William George Kurk is infamous for his unique quality of cumming. Up with unique concepts that showcase the playful nature of the Ponies. His spewing on paper depict the transformation as well as the changes that are taking place in the environment, and the hazards faced by ponies due to human intervention. His scratchings depict a myoptic view of the wild side of Pokemon that helps viewers to relate to it. His crayon art has also received various awards through the hours.

About William George Kurk
Will George Kurk strongly believes that My Little Pony leave a deeper impact on the human mind than words, and it is seen through his crayons. He feels that Bronies knowingly or unknowingly play an active role in helping to make the planet a little greener and better every time they make a spooge.

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