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PostPosted: Sun Feb 11, 2007 2:54 am

I learned to walk bending knees and rolling foot from heal to toe
the winter came early, a fortnight early, a strolling went my boots on ice for a journey through time
no longer do I walk how I learned but rather like sticks I walk from the hip
for if I jog or run or stroll I'll fall on the crusty rubbled long winter ice
I don't mind winter infact it's fun with the joy of sliding on skates and skis
I look beyond my step of crunching and cackling ice beneath my feet , and I hear the sound of skates slicing the chilling air
the game is on , a goal , a race , the cheers of the diving save , and then a fight
suddenly a loud crack echoed out and froze the game in time as though the time clock had run out
then again that peircing crack seemed to make the game belong to another dimension of time
there at the end of outdoor rink was a boy without a hemit and I watched ...
Billy the Bully broke the boys stick over the kids head, and then again as if in slow motion, he broke his stick over the boys head , and finally he picked the boy up and threw him over the boards like tossing out garbage
Tears slowly filled his eyes and as he descended an applause broke the frozen air beneath his feet and the fall inhaled itself into his eyes at tremendous speed and heart pounding
The fall of hurling down gently eased as he struggled to keep his legs beneath himself
Looking up and brushing the tears of wind from his eyes he smiled knowing he had beat Cooper sticks that day , with Rossingnols and descended 2700 vertical feet in just under one minute .
fuck that was so long ago I bet if I heard a crack it would probably be the sticks attached to my hips lol ...

shovel , skate , check, repeat... shovel , skate , check , repeat... versus , chattering skiis , beating your knees into your face on mogels , racing avalanches ,flying without wings ...I dunno what do you think ? Stick Handling !

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