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PostPosted: Tue Jul 15, 2008 12:44 am

You're going to hate me for saying this, but it's gotta be said. If you go to an honest to God race track and play exactor boxes in the way you describe the worst thing that can happen to you is you have a really good day. You'll lose your house trying to have another day like it.

Professional horse betting is not that exotic. There's only one way I've ever seen it done, and trust me, there are schemes and strategies for every dejected face you'll see at a race track. The professional gambler however has studied, talked racing, and strategized for many years before he's had a good year. When he does it's nothing like what you're hoping for.

Eventually the professional discovers situations where the percentage of payoff outweighs the risk. Sooner or later professional horse bettors realize they must spot bet to win, and live with long term average profit (much, much smaller than what you're thinking) rather than chase the big win. There are spots where the big win is possible, but that's not where his priority lies. He's an investor, not a gambler. It's a game of numbers. You'll hear people tell you stories to the contrary. Believe whichever version you like, mine or theirs. You will anyway. Just remember when you're driving away from the track cursing at the windshield of the car you don't have this months payment for. You were warned.

Here's some good advice. Go the track. Take in the buffet. Go with buddies. Enjoy their company. Have beers. Take no more money than what you can afford to lose in the name of an evening's entertainment. Bet whichever way you like. It shouldn't really matter. At this point you're just gambling. Chase the dream looking to be a horse race investor however, and get ready for some disappointments.

Here's another thing you should know. Anybody who's smart enough to make a living betting race horses, and doing nothing else, isn't dumb enough to tell you about it. There are reasons. So watch out for that one, and believe no one when it comes to racing stories, including me.

There you go. Now you know stuff you'll never learn from a computer game.

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