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Author:  commanderkai [ Mon Mar 10, 2008 4:01 pm ]
Post subject:  My story

Well, you guys all have fun to hang out with, and since people have taken the initiative to let out what I would consider to be personal, I might as well get your opinion on my story....though its kinda long so I'll give you a piece.


[align=center]Awakening (Chapter 1)[/align]

“Ever since the beginning of time, we have looked towards the stars. We stared into the endless sea of space as our final frontier. We children have awakened to our truest potential now. We have accomplished our destiny, as explorers, as humans, and most of all, as children of this Universe.”
-American President Anthony Rodriguez, 2098 A.D., on the launch of the Frontier, the first ever warp capable ship.

As I wake from my sleep, I realize everything is black. I know my eyes are open but I can’t see a thing. I am contained within something; I can feel it fill all available space. I can even sense it filling the newly created space formed by the opening of my eyes. I feel like I am stuck in a gel. My mouth and nose are covered with a plastic mask, leaving it the only piece of skin not covered by this gel. I can also feel a cold metal cap that covers my entire scalp. I awake into the world…into nothing.

After getting over the sudden shock of being awake for the first time in many months, I begin to feel excruciating pain throughout my body. For each second that passes, my mind is tricked to believing that hours have gone by. The pain is unbearable, I feel like I can’t hold on to my newly created conscious moment in reality. Only maybe a few seconds after, parts of me started to become numb. My fingers went out first, my arms and legs next, until it felt like I didn’t have any body to begin with. The only pain that remained was the strong ringing that was happening in my skull.

As I wait in the dark, my body damp from the unknown gel substance, my mind begins to wander. I revisit the lessons they have been giving me, but the painful ringing in my head makes it hard to focus. Suddenly, I hear a bang of metal hitting concrete in the distance. A few second later, I see the rows of glass cylinders begin to light up. Hundreds of them, all lined up, each holding what looks like a lifeless child within them. One by one they light up until it reaches mine. The light at the bottom of my cylinder activates, illuminating everything around me. I can make out the greenish color of the gel or goo I was contained in. I can see dozens of wires and tubes extending from every part of my body. My hands, legs, chest, fingers, arms; all filled with different sized and colored wires, extending to the top of the cylinder.

The fluorescent lights that hang from the ceiling all begin to shine. I notice a few flicker in the distance, creating a sense of….anxiety within me. My anxiety grows as I hear footsteps that click on the concrete floor. As they come closer, I can make out five different sets of footstep patterns, five different people. After a short while, I can see the people who were walking. Their footsteps now make a louder noise as they impact the concrete floor. My mind begins to feel like exploding from the new noise being made by them. I close my eyelids enough so that it will give the illusion of me of still not being aware.
Finally, the footsteps come to a stop, in front of my cylinder. I can finally make them out, albeit poorly. I see three human males, all in uniform, but one stands out. I notice a tall, overweight, male. I can see clearly, even through the blur that he is a general in rank. The other two males, I notice, were transporting a medical bed with them. I assumed they were lab technicians or soldiers, I couldn’t see their rank. I noticed an alien figure in a scientist uniform as well. I couldn’t make out the race or gender, but it looked quite frail compared to the humans. I also become aware of another human scientist…..though this was one different from the other humans. It was a female, the first time I ever have seen one. She looked completely different from the male. She had much longer hair, and was slimmer and more curved than the males…..

“It is time.” I heard the General say.

I agreed with him. I have been in this for two years longer than I should. We usually
leave this after five years….it has been way past my time.

"General, if I may speak freely, I still don't think number 21452 is ready. As you know, he is the first of his kind. He is unique in his design-”
The female was interrupted by the male.

"We should not rush his development, he is our masterpiece."

The General didn’t budge from his original position.

"Listen, the Taurakaar have been mobilizing for a while now. I want him to awaken; we need him to start his civilian training. He can't be a good soldier without knowing what he is fighting for. There is a lot more to war than to how to use a gun or flank an enemy position or learning Sun Tzu's Art of War. You scientist types need to learn that there is more to this Universe than science experiments."
The two scientists seemed flustered by his comments. "Listen, sir, we don't know what he is really, if this was any other Genetic, I would agree, but he is a prototype, he is the first of his design. We have no idea if the lessons we uploaded work. We really do not know if he is ready."

The female speaks after the male scientist.

"It is your order though; we are under your command, what is your order?"
The General speaks in an official manner. “We will never learn anything with him being in this. We need to know sooner. Awaken him from his sleep, and release him into the Universe he will call home."

The female scientist clicks a few things on a control panel in front of my cylinder, and suddenly, I can feel wires and cables come loose. At first the ones connected to my limbs and chest begins to loosen from the veins and arteries and organs of which they were connected to. Not long after, the connections to my mind begin to loosen. As each one of the connections begin to come loose, I can slowly feel the painful ringing in my head disappear. I can feel one by one they begin to disconnect from me, and start to retract, each one disappearing in the mechanical mess above me. A trickle of blood seeps out from the puncture holes they created.

The fluid holding me in place begins to drain. In a short amount of time, the entire cylinder is emptied through the slits in the bottom of it. I am exposed, floating in place within the cylinder. I can feel the cold air touch my skin. The oxygen mask around my face removes itself, and I take my first breath. It is my first independent breath of life, free of the machines which enslaved me.

I can hear the glass walls of the cylinder open. As they finish, the force that holds me in places me softly onto the medical bed. The two technicians, I can finally see them clearly now, begin to push the hovering bed slowly down the corridor. After a few minutes, I open my eyes a little more; I can see the female human scientist, looking at my face while pushing the bed. I notice her blonde hair right above my face. She looks at me strangely, like with affection. She whispers.

"We have done our best to raise you, you are our greatest achievement. Now sleep, 21452, for your future has yet to come."

I listen to her and close my eyes, not knowing who I am, or rather, what makes me so special.....

When I wake up again, I see a blank white ceiling above me. When I try to sit up, to get a better view of my surroundings I notice my body is being held back on the bed. I can’t move much of anything. I lift my head slightly to see what was around me. My arms, legs, and torso are completely restrained on the bed by black vinyl straps. Once again though, my body is being completed penetrated by more needles and wires extending from different pieces of medical equipment all around me. The room is filled with them. I feel a large metallic helmet on my head, uncomfortably cold. To my right, I see a large mirror that takes up a part of the white concrete wall.

I hear a door open behind me, and footsteps that click with the concrete floor. Then I see her again. She appears on my left holding a medical syringe in her hand. I don’t say anything, but she speaks to me anyway

“21452, don’t worry about this syringe, it’s just to put you back to sleep. Are you okay with that?”

I nod my head to her, and then I see her inject whatever liquid that was into an IV tube. Slowly my vision begins to blur, my eyes begin to close. I feel my mind shutting itself down, until I see, nor hear anything.

I understand there will be spelling errors and such, I wrote this part years ago...

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