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�Joker� Smashes October Record With $93.5 Million Debut
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Author:  BeaverFever [ Sat Oct 12, 2019 8:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: �Joker� Smashes October Record With $93.5 Million Debut

N_Fiddledog wrote:
BeaverFever wrote:
1) no matter what audience or critic ratings a movie gets, your system will ALWAYS come out to be exactly double the audience rating. Nothing more, nothing less. Ever. It doesn’t tell you anything else.

Why are you so sure I don't realize that? Why are you sure I'm not telling you critics are crap and you're farther ahead if you just use the audience score?

How do you know I wasn't looking for a rube like yourself to make the point. Thanks, btw. :wink:

Critics are only useful for showing you when wokeness gets in the way of a watchable movie.

Now, as to your question of was it the left that put the mark of Cain on Joker the movie, then wrote mainstream hyperbole pieces about the hysteria it had created with the idea of having any potential viewer in fear of being shot in his seat by some incel, copycat killer. Yes, that's exactly who it was.

Yeah you obviously didn’t realize that. If you did, you would have just said from the beginning that you ignore the critics rating and only look at the audience rating but is that what you said? No.

No, instead you came up with a ridiculous math formula that doesn’t work, which along with your political views and susceptibility to wild conspiracy theories just shows the dangers of not staying in school.

You took a few days to reply to this thread which shows how stung you were and now every time you see a movie you’ll think of me and how you got owned for your lack of grade school math skills . :D

Not everyone who has a view on something you don’t subscribe to is “the left” or even has political opinions at all, which I know is hard for right wingers to understand

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