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PQ praises Canada's recognition of Kosovo
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Author:  ShepherdsDog [ Wed Mar 19, 2008 5:35 pm ]
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Way to go Canada, you've alienated Serbia, which HAD a democratically elected pro Western government, in favour of the expansionist Albanians.

Author:  fire_i [ Wed Mar 19, 2008 9:29 pm ]
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stemmer stemmer:
fire_i fire_i:
Personally, as there was no referendum, I do not see why Canada should recognize Kosovo, at least until the UN itself officially declares it a country. Then sure.

And of course, had there been a winning referendum, I'd have been the first one to jump and say "recognize it!" - but there wasn't, so I'm not sure why Canada bothered to say anything other than "we'll recognize it once and if the UN does, too".

So we MUST follow the will of the UN... I say NO... I do not believe in the lies of the UN... I do not believe in their new world order....

Nah, didn't say we had to (though we should), just that it would be the only good reason to recognize a country that didn't go through a referendum.

westmanguy westmanguy:
Quebec, I'm sick of them. They are in the confederation, and are equal, no better. I am in favour of increased autonomy for all provinces.

Thank you.

No better, but different - does that work for you? :P

[quote=]If they vote in the future to leave, THATS IT. NO economic partnership, NO common currency, NO shared military force, NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING. They leave, it won't be a half-assed separation, it will be the full thing.[/quote]

Why would Canada act just to avenge itself from an eventual secession? That would be dumb. What it should and most certainly would do is protect its interests, and chances are overwhelming an economic partnership would be good for both countries. A common currency is likely to as well. Among what you mentionned, only a shared military force is something I doubt Canada would want, in normal circumstances at least.

Everything should and would be judged on a case-by-case basis for sure.

And because Quebec is so socialist and needs funding from the rest of Canada, a full out separation would never happen.

Don't speak too fast here... everybody's quick to claim separatism is dead these days since it dropped 15% since the sponsorship scandal, yet it's hanging at 40%... which is what it was at before the scandal, and back then everyone thought that was too high. (Reminds me of when oil companies suddenly rise the gas price 20 cents then drops it 15 and everyone goes "phew, we avoided the worst" even though the gas price effectively rose 5 cents and despite the fact everybody complained about the former gas price to begin with)

All I'm saying is, there just needs to be one big scandal during a PQ government and another referendum could end up being called. And then if Quebec eventually manages to strenghten its economy to become a "have" province, the whole dynamic is changed... that's a possibility, not a certainty, but possibility there remains.

Not an issue. Thats why the ADQ is successful, they are after reasonable autonomy within the confederation.

Ah, the ADQ!

They're essentially a PQ disguised as the PLQ. "We don't want a referendum, but we do want Quebec to obtain advantages no other province will get". What they don't seem to understand is that the powers they'll get is what Canada is ready to let them have, and after Lake Meech, that resumes to "essentially nothing whatsoever".

kenmore kenmore:
Well Westendguy... Harper made us a Nation.... if he ever gets a majority he will give us full independence... I think he is a closet separatist... (opinion)

You're kidding, right?

(...)you're as much a nation as the first nations indians. Think about that, if you vote to seperate from Canada, fully expect them to vote to stay within Canada as they have already mentioned. There won't be a thing you can do about it.

Yes, but given their small population, poor location and arguable and unclear territorial holdings, I do not think it would be wise for any first nation to "re-secess" after an eventual Quebec separation. I admit I am absolutely incapable of furnishing pronostics since that would be in the far future, but though a few first nation towns might be right in favoring a return to Canada, I have a hard time thinking it is possible for the majority to actually benefit from it. To me, most of those that would secede back would do it out of emotion, not reason, and would suffer from it in the long run.

mapleleafsnation mapleleafsnation:
I actually have a caricature of that posted on my wall. 'Quebec is a nation inside a nation.'

There were never any arguments that Quebec is a nation. What he meant is that you can be a Quebecer but also a Canadian.

What he meant was that Quebec could be its own nation while being part of a greater nation.

By the way he stole those words from Duceppe mouth, Duceppe was planning to use them to mean 'We're a nation inside a nation this is senseless.'

Nations are not defined by borders but by language, religion, culture and a shared history.
The Quebec nation is defined by: French, atheism, North American culture.

The Canadian nation is defined by: The French and English language, atheism, North American culture and a shared history among Francophones and Anglophones.

I'm a Quebecer but also a Canadian.

If I were to ask Canadian X what he is he would probably answer 'Ontarian' for example (I assume that Canadian would be obvious).

That's the beauty of a Federation.

A senseful post. First time I saw your introductionary post I thought I wouldn't like you much since our economic and social views are both diametrally opposed, but from what I read of you I have to say my first impression has been wrong so far. :)

Author:  kenmore [ Thu Mar 20, 2008 4:06 pm ]
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I am a Canadian and Quebecer.. I do not want separation from Canada... there is no link between what happened in kosovo and Quebec... I think that if harper was in power during another (God forbid) referendum... he could be the cause of a yes vote...

Author:  Bodah [ Thu Mar 20, 2008 6:08 pm ]
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kenmore kenmore:
I am a Canadian and Quebecer.. I do not want separation from Canada... there is no link between what happened in kosovo and Quebec...


kenmore kenmore:
I think that if harper was in power during another (God forbid) referendum... he could be the cause of a yes vote...


Take your yo-yo and go home.

Author:  kenmore [ Thu Mar 20, 2008 6:13 pm ]
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I agree with your right to disagree... its my opinion... c'est ca..

Author:  romanP [ Thu Mar 20, 2008 6:29 pm ]
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BartSimpson BartSimpson:
At this point all we have accomplished is the expansion of muslim Albania.

Ah, there's the lynchpin. If they had belonged to any "western" religion, you would have said nothing.

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