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The Future of the Québec Left
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Author:  gaulois [ Wed Jul 28, 2004 8:42 pm ]
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[QUOTE BY= sthompson] And here's one for gaulois--what about the hors-Québec left? Is there one, and where is it going? <br /> <br />[/QUOTE] <br /> <br />FHQs are politically quite disengaged IMO although may have been active earlier on in their life. The subsidized solitude can't express strong viewpoints when working for the Feds or related agencies. Rectitude is a significant issue. The other solitude is typically too busy trying to make a living or even worry about identity matters. The few that are politically engaged tend to be politically quite incorrect such as your humble servant and do not fit well the left -vs- right boxed view of the world. Perhaps there would be more interest toward globalization and US politics. FHQs are also quite challenged by writing in French or English as they do not master any language. It would be quite difficult to be politically active under these conditions.

Author:  gaulois [ Thu Jul 29, 2004 1:25 pm ]
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[QUOTE BY= sthompson] Where is and where should the left in Québec be going--and what makes more sense, working within the PQ or outside of it? How can the Anglo left build bridges to the left in Québec? <br />[/QUOTE] <br /> <br />In the absence of any response to Susan's question, I will volunteer this one on the basis of following FHQ credentials: we are still highly linked to Québec (or Montréal) via la SRC. Incidentally it would be better called Radio-Québec or Radio-Montréal <img align=absmiddle src='images/smilies/wink.gif' alt='Wink'> <br /> <br />IMO the anglos "left" cannot realistically build bridges within the existing legacy political framework in Quebec and must look at new mechanisms to do so, such as through the NGOs and Muni politics under DD. The Blocs and Liberals have learnt to master the emotional "hot-buttons" of Québécois to the point of being a predictable soap. I will somewhat regrettably state that working toward a just society simply does not have the same weight, specially when magnified under the "Left/Right" view of the world. Québécois may be more mature than the ROC in regards to the true meaning of "faisons payer les riches": have been there, done that and the economy sucked. The "Right" in fact has the upper hand now because they project the illusion of the easy fix of privatization (to yet another bureaucracy, i.e. the one of their cronies). Is Québec really all that different from the ROC in this area???

Author:  gaulois [ Thu Oct 21, 2004 10:47 am ]
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I will revive this old thread once started by Susan but with a twist away from this old left/right stuff and perhaps a different slant on the meaning of sovereinty. <br />I would like to focus it in terms of what this site is about, that is Canadian Sovereinty in the confine of our territorial boundaries. <br /> <br />I was stating earlier on in the Harper's foot in his mouth story discussion that hard-core sovereinists should have voted conservatives so that the sooner Canada is dismantled under the forces of NAFTA, globalization and US imperialism, the easier it would be for Quebec to separate from Canada. The case here would be how Quebec sovereinists could possibly benefit from improved Canadian sovereinty. Perhaps this can even be discussed in French and we can stay away from les batailles rangées intérieures. ROC view other than mine as an FHQ are of course most welcome. I will mention also that sovereinty of First Nations could similarly improve in a more sovereign Canada. Perhaps First Nations activists could join this discussion too.

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