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Alberta's New Separatist Party
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Author:  Crankster [ Sat Sep 11, 2004 12:15 am ]
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Way to go Whelan.Yes I was venting my frusteration! Damn right! I believe in the "government for the people"! <br /> More voices in government will certainly help.More voices outside of government,say at the foot of the stairs at each provincial seat as well as Fed seat.Say to the tune of about 1,000,000 voices.It is time for the PEOPLE of Canada to stand enmasse and DEMAND change or through escalating general strikes in all sectors,we will bring the country to a halt! Just think of it,masses of people all with one mind.To cause change! <br /> One clean voice in a mountain of dirty,corrupted ones will do little.I do admire you tho.

Author:  Stymiest [ Mon Sep 20, 2004 2:12 pm ]
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Klein is an idiot. My view of Western Canada and many views of others in Atlantic Canada is they are spoiled babies who think they have it so rough (Yes controlling most of the countries resources and getting filthy rich is rough). They whine because they have nothing better to do. I live in a city with 30% unemployment and poverty runs rampant although it is not apparently visible. Too see these aholes complaining about their unfair life makes me sick and i think klein should have his head chopped off and mounted in parliament <img align=absmiddle src='images/smilies/evil.gif' alt='Evil'>

Author:  z_whalen [ Mon Sep 20, 2004 3:19 pm ]
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Until recently I lived in the same area as Stymiest. Now I am living in British Columbia and let me tell you that the West has it made. Coming from Northern New Brunswick, I just cannot comprehend what westerners have to complain about. They work less, live better and to top it all off they're sitting on tons of natural resources. Stymiest is right, unemployment has hit Northern New Brunswick really hard, but do we bitch and moan about it? No, New Brunswickers tough it out because most of us understand that we are part of something greater than our own little fiefdom, we have a sense of nationality. Alberta needs a good dose of real nationalism. Perhaps they should take a trip to New Brunswick so they can realize just how good they have it.

Author:  Crankster [ Fri Sep 24, 2004 10:13 pm ]
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Ok Whelan,you put yourself on the line,and good for you.How many people going to follow you?How many people oing to go down and get dirty? <br /> Is the angle yu use one that gets the governments attention or produces change in a hurry. <br /> Ain't nothing going to change as long as the Liberal types are in.Problem is,there ain't much of a choice in reps now is there.One party is just as bad as the other.It don't matter what party is in power,democracy does not serve the people in any way shape or form any more Period <br /> Corporate greed has usurped any mandate that the government ever had to serve the people for which it was intended.Until we have a government in place that will regulate corporate power structures with a no-holds barred,unbenbable,UNCORRUPTABLE will,there ain't no who can run against it. <br /> By the way,am I venting?! You fucking right I am!

Author:  whelan costen [ Fri Sep 24, 2004 10:35 pm ]
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Ok Crankster, I hear you, but I also read your signature quote: A little peice of heaven is found in good deeds. <br /> <br />That is the heart of it isn't it! <br /> <br />Yes I put myself out there and I am only one person, you are absolutely right, but the fact is we need leaders who are not corruptable, not easily intimidated, and not fools. I intend to show people that we can make a difference, we dont' have to be rich, nor beautiful, nor connected to corporations, because once people start to hear the truth, they will start to follow. We are all bitching here and I think that is great, because eventually like me, after you get tired of just talking about it, you will start acting. <br /> <br />I decided to run because I couldn't get any satisfaction from my elected officials, because I couldn't get the truth, I want representation that discloses all, that makes decisions for the benefit of all, and the only way I see to do it, is to get elected and be one of the many who really do want that kind of government. We all want it but many of us have given up! <br /> <br />The only way I see to get people to start caring is to see others that speak and get results. I have done it in my small hamlet, I have seen injustice, poor representation and getting nothing for my tax dollars, I spoke up, I wrote well researched letters and I got results, I know it works, and it will continue to work. <br /> <br />The main difference between me and those that I am opposed to is that I mean what I say, if I don't know something I will do what it takes to find out, if something needs fixing, I will find a solution and I will not back down because somebody throws money my way. Not because I am so rich that it doesn't matter, but because I actually believe that living well, in our short period of time, doesn't mean living well at the expense of others. So Crankster, I go back to your signature 'A little peice of heaven is found in good deeds'. We can do it, one small good deed at a time, by one person at a time. We each have a part to play and we can make government responsible, it was far more responsible to the environment and to each other years before we had all this great technology, think of what we can do if we have good leaders! Cheer up! <br /> <img align=absmiddle src='images/smilies/biggrin.gif' alt='Big Grin'>

Author:  Milton [ Sat Sep 25, 2004 3:39 pm ]
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I applaud your decision to make a difference Catherine. I don't agree that things were better in the past. I think we need to take a radical step now and call for the elimination of the monetary system. All it is is a deceptive rationing coupon system anyway. Dollars don't make sense. Why don't we start figuring out what an economic system would look like that had as a main goal that all citizens were to have access to all the goods and services necessary for a happy healthy life.

Author:  whelan costen [ Sat Sep 25, 2004 3:46 pm ]
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Milton, I do not know all the ins and outs of our monetary system, but I do know that you are right we need radical change in many areas. The first is to find the cure for apathy! There are so many issues, which have been fine tuned to work for the corporations and against the little people, I think it will take some major thought into how it can be done; but the process must start now and I agree steps need to be taken today to make those changes. <br /> <br />I am not saying all was great in the past, I am saying it wasn't all bad and they did not have access to the tools we have today. We should have progressed much farther in the positive, rather than the negative, and we will if we put our minds to the task.

Author:  Crankster [ Sat Sep 25, 2004 8:27 pm ]
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Maam,you will certainly get my vote.Your eloquence is unmatched. <br /> I hold dear to the signature.Have done my very best to provide for people in need and my family. <br /> Perhaps my "venting"is a sign that i to need to take a bigger step and make waves here in BC. <br /> Where you have "King Ralph",we have"Prince Gordo". <br /> If all we can do is one little thing at a time,then i guess we need to make all those little things into one big thing.That one big thing is not backing down and calling it quits.To many people depend on others as a constant in this muddled up world. <br /> Oh,my apologies for the harsh language to all.

Author:  whelan costen [ Sat Sep 25, 2004 9:03 pm ]
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no apology necessary from my point of view, it is the getting angry that for many, gets us moving! Crankster I say go get 'em. We need more voices like yours out there, speaking up and getting things moving! You know many people think that talking about what is really going on in the world is 'fearmongering' I think we have plenty to fear, so let it out! I am going to bet that people said similar things when the Nazi's plans to dominate the world were in the early stages, I know that when my husband was in Germany, years after the war, many would not discuss what happened. Part of the reason was they were ashamed that they didn't see what was happening, didn't hear or do, until it was too late! Let us not make that mistake in Canada!

Author:  Crankster [ Sat Sep 25, 2004 9:33 pm ]
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There will always be fear mongers,consperacy theorists,etc,but,guess what.The people that care will always outnumber them.The people that care will always have brains enough to see thro the tripe and take a clear road and not be affecte. <br /> Anybody can see that there are things in the systems worldwide that are grievous and always raedy to manipulate ones point of veiw. <br /> We here in canada have been far to insulated from the goings on.We have been blinded by the issues at hand.We are always reacting instead of responding. <br /> Well,fellow Canadians,is it time to respond,before we we have to react.Is it time to get up and get going,to face the beast that has become our home,like it or not?!

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