Halifax Regional Municipality, commonly referred to HRM and often simply refered to as Halifax (4439′ N 6335′ W, AST) is a Canadian regional municipality, the provincial capital, the largest population centre in Nova Scotia, and the cultural and economic centre of the Atlantic Provinces.

Halifax Regional Municipality (2001 population, 359,111) was created in 1996, through the amalgamation of the former cities of Halifax and Dartmouth, the town of Bedford, and the Municipality of the County of Halifax. The regional municipality's boundary includes all of Halifax County except for several First Nation reserves.

The urban core area of HRM is located in the western end of the municipality, fronting on Halifax Harbour and constitutes the most populous urban area on Canada's Atlantic coast, and the second largest coastal population centre in the country, after Vancouver, British Columbia. HRM currently accounts for 40% of Nova Scotia's population, and 15% of that of the Atlantic provinces.

Downtown Halifax
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peggys cove
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Halifax Harbour
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More Halifax
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Halifax - Downtown
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