Victoria is a Canadian city, and the provincial capital of British Columbia. It has a population of 74,125 (according to the 2001 census) and an area of 19.68 square kilometres. It is also the seat of the Capital Regional District.

Victoria, British Columbia is always in season! Victoria has the mildest climate in Canada, and is a place so green all year that flowers fall out of the sky and even the lamp posts bloom. It is no wonder that it is called The Garden City!  The wild beauty of the Pacific coast and the adventure of the great outdoors are within the city limits and ocean and mountain vistas will follow you wherever you go.

Victoria remembers its colourful history with First Nations totem poles, heritage architecture and afternoon tea, and bustles with the energy of a university town, having the University of Victoria, Canada within its limits. Shop windows are full of British imports, Native art and the latest trends. Restaurants and cafés serve the freshest cuisine. The harbour is alive with the romance of an era when tall ships moored alongside the wharf and evenings glitter as lights twinkle and cast their magic from atop the landmark British Columbia Legislative Buildings.

The Garden City is a year-round tourism destination that offers a friendly, safe haven for all visitors. Getting here is very easy, and, once here, you will feel a million miles away.  With a clean environment and charming ambience, it is no surprise that Victoria, BC is one of the world's favourite destinations.

Totem pole and wall of Carving studio.
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The parliament building in the morning.
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Memorial statue and illuminated parliament building at night.
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Flowers and Inner Harbour at sunset.
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Boats in inner harbour and parliament building lights
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Empress hotel reflected in the Inner Harbour a night.
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Chinatown gate with trail of lights at night
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The Butchart Gardens
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Victoria Inner Harbour
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