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Birthdate:   1974
Category: Music

Moxy is a Canadian hard rock band, formed in Toronto, Canada in 1974, from previous members of Leigh Ashford ó including singer Buzz Shearman, drummer Bill Wade, Terry Juric on bass, and Earl Johnson as lead guitarist. In 1975, Buddy Caine joined the band as rhythm guitarist. Many of the guitar solos on the band's debut album were performed by guest session musician Tommy Bolin, who had previously been the lead guitarist for the James Gang and later replaced Ritchie Blackmore in Deep Purple. Moxy was formed by former members of the Canadian rock band, Leigh Ashford and of non-recording act Outlaw Music. Douglas "Buzz" Shearman (former singer of Sherman & Peabody which also featured Greg Godovitz of Goddo and Gil Moore of Triumph), toured with Earl Johnson (former member of King Biscuit Boy), Bill Wade and Terry Juric, (former members of Outlaw Music) as Leigh Ashford in 1973 before the name and sound change to Moxy was made in 1974. The new band, now billed as Moxy, toured extensively in Canada before having a hit in late 1975 with "Canít You See Iím A Star", then enlisted Buddy Caine (former member of Outlaw Music). Moxy then toured the United States on the strength of their radio airplay. Markets in which the band was popular included Chicago, St. Louis and Texas. Joe Anthony, the Godfather of Rock in San Antonio on KISS-FM was responsible for the popularity of the band in Texas and would bring Moxy for their first headline appearance in the U.S in 1977 with AC/DC. The Joe Anthony tradition is carried on into the 2000s on Texas Radio where Moxy's hits like "Can't You See I'm A Star", "Moon Rider", "Sail On Sail Away". "Midnight Flight", "I'll Set You on Fire" and "Are You Ready" are still on the daily rotation.

Resume: Singles #Can't You See I'm A Star (1974) (Yorkville Records) (45) # Sail On Sail Away (B side) # Moonrider (1975) (Polydor)-(1976) (Mercury Records) (45) # Train (B side) # Sail On Sail Away (1976) (Mercury Records) (45) # Time to Move On (B side) # Take It Or Leave It (1976) (Mercury Records) (45) # Wet Suit (B side) # Cause There's Another (1976) (Mercury Records) (45) # Slippin (B side) # Ridin' High (1977) (Mercury Records) (45) # Rock Baby (B side) # I'll Set You on Fire (Mercury Records) (45) # Are You Ready (B side) # Under the Lights (1978) (Polydor Canada) (45) # High School Queen (B side) # Sing to Me (Polydor Canada) (45) # Living and Learning (B side) # Maybe I'm a Dreamer (1978) (Polydor Canada) (45) # Sailor's Delight (B side) # Trouble (1984) (Ahed) (Pacemaker Records) (Cassette) # Highway (B side) # Out Of The Darkness (1984) (Ahed) (Pacemaker Records) (cassette) # Change In My Life (B side) # Yucatan Man (2000) (Pacemaker Records) (CD) # Candy Delight (2001) (Pacemaker Records) (CD) # Walking On The Wild Side (2003) (Bullseye Records) (CD) # Tommy Bolin - The Ultimate (1989) (Geffen US) Share on Facebook

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