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An avid Canadian fisherman decides to cross the Peace Bridge and go over to Lewiston and fish the American side of the Niagara river. He settles down on a quiet dock and begins to fill his bucket with some nice fish when an American game warden approaches him and says,"Could I see your fishing licence please?". When he hands him his licence,the game warden laughs and says that it is no good because it is a Canadian fishing licence. At this point the fisherman replies "but i'm only catching Canadian fish". The warden scratches his head for a moment and says "what do you mean?"
The fisherman reaches in his bucket and pulls out a fish and asks the warden"what kind of fish is that?". The warden looks and says its a small mouth bass, to which the fisherman replies, "See what I mean, if it was an American fish it would be a Large mouth bass"

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