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A Mexican, A Canadian, And An American are walking together down a road, when they stumble upon a lamp with a genie in it.After they rub the lamp, a Genie pops out and says"Okay, you all get 1 wish each, who's going first?"

The Mexican says"Oh, ME, ME!" "I want A 2-mile wide road across Mexico"

Genie, "Granted!" POOF!

American, "Now me! I want a 20 foot brick wall around all of the USA to keep the Canadians out"

Genie, "Granted!" POOF

Genie, "Okay Canadian, It's Your turn!"

Canadian, "Is that wall you put around the USA waterproof?"

Genie, "Yup!"

Canadian, "Fill 'er Up!"

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Joke Submitted on: July 21, 2009
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