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- Where Canada's name came from -
Category: Canadian Jokes/Political Jokes

From: Canadaka
Author: Unknown
Added: October 29, 2004
Modified: October 29, 2004
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Where Canada's name came from:

When Sir John A. McDonald and his cronies were trying to figure out a new name for our (soon-to-be) great country, someone had a (typically Canadian) idea:

"Let's put all the letters into a hat and draw three of them.
That will be the new name of this place ..."
So they did ...

The first letter is pulled, and our hero shouts - "C" eh!?
The second letter is pulled, and our hero shouts - "N" eh!?
The third letter is pulled, and our hero shouts - "D" eh!?

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How can you call this political? All this is is tripe... Go home! -Rob
Posted By:
ok this is odd, yes odd,
Posted By:
odd yet funny
Posted By:
is this rob guy a high school teacher with all the joy taken out of him?
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