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- Blondes & Turtles -
Category: Other Jokes/Blonde Jokes

From: violator
Author: Unknown
Added: February 27, 2005
Modified: February 27, 2005
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Votes: 13
Rating: 6

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Blondes & Turtles:

Blonde Joke

What do Blondes & Turtles have in common?

Once they are on their back, they are Fucked

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Posted By:
Wow, you got a chuckle out of me. Good job, nice and short and to the point. Though a bit of a stereotype, these jokes usually turn out to be true. Although I do know one very, very non-slutty blonde, but that's besides the point. (besides, she dyes her hair red anyways) -Rob
Posted By:
i also know a blonde girl who also dyes her hair red and is also not slutty! what a coincidence!
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Posted By:
men *shaking head disgustedly*
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