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- Birdy. -
Category: Other Jokes/Sex Jokes

From: jazzman
Author: Unknown
Added: October 24, 2006
Modified: October 24, 2006
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It's about a man who will think twice before calling his 'package' a bird.

There was a man sunbathing on a beach naked. A girl came along and pointed to his dingly dangly and asked, "what is that?" He replied, "It's my bird!"
She ran away to play in the sand cheerfully. The man fell asleep. zZzZzZz. Later he woke up in hospital with pain around his groin. He did not know what had gone wrong. He thought back maybe the girl might know, so once he was out of the hospital he asked her.

She replied, "I played with the bird and it spat at me so I cracked its neck, broke its eggs, and burnt its nest."

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