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- Canadian Fisherman -
Category: Canadian Jokes/Canada vs USA Jokes

From: nupes
Author: Unknown
Added: April 18, 2007
Modified: April 18, 2007
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Canadian Fisherman:

a canadian goes fishing

An avid Canadian fisherman decides to cross the Peace Bridge and go over to Lewiston and fish the American side of the Niagara river. He settles down on a quiet dock and begins to fill his bucket with some nice fish when an American game warden approaches him and says,"Could I see your fishing licence please?". When he hands him his licence,the game warden laughs and says that it is no good because it is a Canadian fishing licence. At this point the fisherman replies "but i'm only catching Canadian fish". The warden scratches his head for a moment and says "what do you mean?"
The fisherman reaches in his bucket and pulls out a fish and asks the warden"what kind of fish is that?". The warden looks and says its a small mouth bass, to which the fisherman replies, "See what I mean, if it was an American fish it would be a Large mouth bass"

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Posted By:
wow, that was priceless
Posted By:
The funny thing is that Canadians are terrible fisherman.
Posted By:
oh really?have you ever seen a canadian fisherman?exactly, go f*ck yourself you filthy little american
Posted By:
yea canadians are pretty good fisherman,after all america keeps asking so we must be good!

Second that was hilarious, my grandpa calls americans deef fry professionals, i never did understand untill one day im at a dirt bike track (brother races) and they ask if I want deep fried oreos, bananas, pasta, donuts etc. Like seriously does everything have to be deep fried in USA???
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