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- Newfy fly to Ontario -
Category: Canadian Jokes/Canadian Identity Jokes

From: Canadaka
Author: Unknown
Added: March 13, 2005
Modified: March 13, 2005
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Votes: 37
Rating: 2.29

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Newfy fly to Ontario:

Henry and Mike decide to leave Newfoundland and fly to Ontario. Before they leave, Henry's dad gives them a bit of advice: "You watch out for those Toronto cab drivers. If you give 'em an inch, they'll take a yard. They'll rob you blind. There's nothing you can do - except don't you go paying them what they ask. You haggle."

At the airport in Toronto they hail a cab to take them to their hotel. When they reach their destination, the cabbie says, "That'll be twenty dollars, lads."

"Oh no you don't! My dad warned me about you. You'll only be getting fifteen dollars from me," says Henry.

"And you'll only get fifteen from me too." Adds Mike.

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