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- You Might Be A Canadian... -
Category: Canadian Jokes/Canadian Identity Jokes

From: DMP08
Author: Unknown
Added: March 14, 2005
Modified: March 14, 2005
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You Might Be A Canadian...:

I compiled this quick 3 question quiz to see if you are truly a Canadian

If you are doubting if you are Canadian, take this quiz.

1. You like to drink beer when:
a) Watching hockey
b) Challenged to drinking games by friends
c) When the boss is not looking
d) Only on days that end in Y

2. You enjoy hockey:
a) Enough to sleep outide in an edmonton winter for stanley cup tickets
b) ALMOST enough to give up beer...Almost
c) As much to carry a hockey stick in you vehicle, just in case a game of shinney breaks out
d) So much as to hit anyone who says Wayne Gretzky is not Canadian

3. You will back out of going to your own wedding if:
a) You find out at the last minute your husband/wife hates hockey
b) You find out at the last minute your husband/wife hates beer
c) Your wedding is scheduled for game 7 of the Stanley Cup playoffs between 2 Canadian teams.

If you felt the need to circle more than one answer for any or all of the qusetions, you are, in fact Canadian.


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Posted By:
Posted By:
Great, represent the entirety of Canada's populus as drunken jocks... fwanker. -Rob
Posted By:
im from the US yet i am half canadian n i h8 the US so GO CANADA! *much luv canada* *mwahz*
Posted By:
interesting... I'm 100% Canadian and I find hocket boring... heheh. btw i hate beer too. Whats up with that?!?!
Posted By:
good job and also I think that one comment was from my friend Miranda...
Posted By:
Canadians are just cowards
Posted By:
Posted By:
first off learn to fucking spell! ok its hockey* and i havnt met one Canadian coward..altho i've met many american assholes, I'm Canadian and proud of it.. so drink the beer watch the game and shut the hell up cos we Canucks kick major ass! xo love Katie N.. WOOOOOO
Posted By:
where did u gey the cowards thing and you really have a lot of courage u won't even put your own name on
Posted By:
when one person lives in timiskaming shores and another one calls it témiscamagne shores
Posted By:
Cold Edmonton winters are cold D:
Posted By:
-Rob, your logic is impeccable, when the joke is bashing America it is automatically false to you and when something is slightly bashing Canada you assume it's 100% true, f*ck logic
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