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Spying on The Brits: A Canadian Spy Tale

2004-11-15 18:35:03
2004-12-01 10:37:08
Hey, Dr.
I must correct your info.... they use metric. It is illegal to use imperial. Just making sure you don't end up in jail. Talk about blowing your cover.

Robert Stenhouse MEng/ElSy

P.S. Add sugar in your tea.
2005-04-12 23:22:10
what wars?

you mean peacekeeping all the time?
2005-04-16 05:08:25
The truth
2005-05-19 22:32:53
is not out there. Here are your...
2005-05-21 22:15:46
instuctions for the coming mission. Read them, and then destroy them immediately." As I read the instructions carefully, I realized .....
2005-05-23 09:36:12
...that my odds of successfully completing the mission would be quite low. The mission will put all my years of training and experience to the test but I think I'll need alot of luck too.

After eating the mission instructions I set to formulating a plan of action.
2005-05-29 17:21:10
About half an hour into the formulating, I realized the instructions were not sitting too well in my stomach. I ran to sit on the toilet, but right before I unzipped my pants, I felt my bowels lose control and...
2005-06-03 23:03:37
I managed to splatter all over the seat leaving little bits and pieces of mission papers all over the place. I think only the bravest of the brave would want to piece this one together. Gads the smell is starting to get to me, where is the Lysol when you need it???
2005-06-22 10:40:26
Thats when I realized that there was additional instructions on the other side of the sheet. I started to piece it back together when...
2005-09-03 17:00:16
All of a suddon, the acids within my stools began to burn away my fingers...
2005-09-05 09:47:14
but I managed to piece the instructions together just in time. They said that I would need full use of my hands, so do not impale myself in such a way that I could not use them. Swearing quite loudly I attempted a no hand call to Headquarters and they told me to....

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