famous Canadian quotes

Famous Canadian Quotes

Welcome to CKA Canadian Quotes List, here you will find quotes made by famous Canadians or quotes about Canada. Feel free to contribute a quote we might be missing, our goal is to have the greatest collection of famous Canadian quotes!

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Authors like cats because they are such quiet, lovable, wise creatures, and cats like authors for the same reasons.  Robertson Davies 
Canada is not really a place where you are encouraged to have large spiritual adventures.  Robertson Davies 
Only a fool expects to be happy all the time.  Robertson Davies 
If we seek the pleasures of love, passion should be occasional and common sense continual.  Robertson Davies 
One of the most difficult tasks for the educated and sophisticated mind is to recognize that some clichés are also important truths.  Robertson Davies 
I was not sure I wanted to issue orders to life; I rather liked the Greek notion of allowing Chance to take a formative hand in my affairs.  Robertson Davies 
The mind is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master.  Robin Sharma 
The cold of death has no temperature.  Romeo Dellaire 
We are happy to be your neighbor. We want to remain your friend. We are determined to be your partner and we are intent on working closely with you in a spirit of co-operation. ~1981. Address to Canadian Parliament   Ronald Reagan 
For some reason a glaze passes over people's faces when you say "Canada". Maybe we should invade South Dakota or something.   Sandra Gotlieb 
Time is a beautiful thing. It's like when you meet an old lover on the street six years later and they don't look so ugly anymore.   Sarah McLachlan 
Happiness is like a cloud, if you stare at it long enough, it evaporates.  Sarah McLachlan 
You never have to change anything you got up in the middle of the night to write.  Saul Bellow 
What is art but a way of seeing?  Saul Bellow 
A man is only as good as what he loves.  Saul Bellow 
People can lose their lives in libraries. They ought to be warned.  Saul Bellow 
When we ask for advice, we are usually looking for an accomplice.  Saul Bellow 
Without a doubt, the best way to get to know me is through my music.  Shania Twain 
Canada appears content to become a second-tier socialistic country, boasting ever more loudly about its economy and social services to mask its second-rate status.  Stephen Harper 
If Ottawa giveth, then Ottawa can taketh away.   Stephen Harper