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Xbox 360 Review (initial unveiling) Review

Yesterday was the unveiling of Microsoft's Xbox 360 which looks like it might hit the markets in November.

I defiantly think Microsoft learnt a lot from its FIRST entry into the game console market and with this new console is positioned well.

I think the console looks awesome so far. I'm sure most you have already read stuff on news sites like ign about it, I just wanted to point out a couple things I think are really cool and will help the Xbox in the next generation of consoles.

Check out the Unveiling Video clip:
Xbox 360 Faq:
Good review on Gamespot:

My Xbox 360 Points

Removable hard drive! YES it has a hard rive and you can remove it super easy in a shell to take to a friends house, or to easily upgrade

wireless controllers, about time, so many damn wires everywhere. my only concern is battery life. I hope it uses lithium ion.

Removable faceplate. Microsoft obviously saw the market for modded Xbox, so in the 360 is going to make modding easier, you can swap faceplates to give the Xbox a new look

its smaller, and can stand upright. I like the white design. and 2 those who say "oh its ripping off ipod" are stupid. They were not the first nor will they be the last. i think it resembles microsofts newer mous designed by world-renowned designer Philippe Starck

hardware, 3 cpus, lots of ram, ect ect no doubt Xbox 360 will be very powerful, yet to see what the PS3 will be.

UI. I think this is one thing the 360 will have over the others, Microsoft has been making GUI's for a long time, looks like they are changing the way consoles look and feel with the 360 GUI. they Xbox live integration looks much better and the marketplace to sell game items and such is a great idea and im sure will be a good revenue source.

MEDIA CENTER. I think this is a major selling point, and one of the major things the Xbox will have over the other consoles. its all part of Microsoft's home computing strategy they have been developing for a long time and why they started the Xbox. the Xbox 360 is more like a computer entertainment device than any other console, not just for games. Its a mix between a game console and a media center pc, which I think is awesome and will help sell the system, possibly even to non-gamers.

price, its said I will sell for $299 for a console of that power brand new that is amazing, that's cheaper than the PSP. Microsoft is probably loosing money selling it that cheap, I don't know but they can do it, more than most companies could and they can sustain it. With something like 50billion dollars CASH in there war chest. plus Microsoft net profits are up last quarter so they have plenty of money coming in, 8billion.

games. the first Xbox struggled at the start because Microsoft was new to the console market and had a hard time even with its huge cash reserves to get good games and developers making games for a system  and a company that was new to the market. people didn't know if it would float or how committed Microsoft was. Well now its very safe to say that Microsoft is committed and is a major player. So far the lineup of developers for the 360 is great and the one major thing that held the Xbox back in its early adoption in the last generation will be overcome. Will be interesting to see the new console wars between Sony and Microsoft.... I guess Nintendo is there too.. kinda.

the only major concern i have at this point is that there is no official word on backwards compatability yet. the big problem being the Cpu and graphcis architecure is different and from different companyes (ati vs nvidia). but since Microsoft has not said no, i think they will figure out a way to do it. If not im sure with the power of the system they could emulate the old games. And if microsoft doesn't do it im sure some hacker group or 3rd party will make an emulator


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Added: May 13th 2005
Reviewer Canadaka
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  1. Posted by UberMullet
    2005-10-25 15:40:44
    my score:
    I played it yesterday in walmart in Bellingham no different than the first one. Just the features I guess, will be the selling point. The 2 tier system of consoles, i don''t think it will be a good idea. I also wonder about the quality of the unit, the first one sucked.
  2. Posted by Anonymous
    2005-06-30 18:01:54
    my score:
    i tink that the xbox 360 is really cool
  3. Posted by Anonymous
    2005-06-25 21:34:27
    my score:
     Yes Your Xbox Games Will Be Playable On Xbox 360.
  4. Posted by Anonymous
    2005-05-28 06:45:52
    my score:
    i was jsut wunderin can the xbox 360 play old xbox games???
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