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Link Related to Canada in some say When a metric mix-up led to the 'Gimli Glider' emergency
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Category  History
Poster  DrCaleb
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Date  2018-07-25 06:14:13


  • DrCaleb: I was at that airstrip (which is now, and was at that time a race track) last weekend for some racing.

    Some of the people there still remember that incident,
  • uwish: I remember flying out of Gimli when I was in the RCAF, nice long runway!
  • BartSimpson: Note that the pilot was a glider pilot just like the fellow who safely landed the plane in the Hudson River nine years ago.

    And note that there was no loss of life in either situation.

  • llama66: Was that 9 years ago? Jesus.
  • BartSimpson: "llama66" said
    Was that 9 years ago? Jesus.

    I know. Crazy how the years just slip away.

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