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Link Related to Canada in some say Labour Day weekend in Toronto means the city is inundated by the sounds of the air show
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Poster  N_Fiddledog
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Date  2018-09-02 09:26:31


  • N_Fiddledog: Under the category of 'Things Toronto's Prog->Comms find to complain about.'

    I mean...all the current problems Toronto has and they're worried their annual air show might upset the refugees.
  • Strutz: Wow. Why does this not completely surprise me? :roll:

    Big events like this take place in many of our cities across the nation at various times of the year (well, mostly summer) and of course they cause disruption to the immediate area where the event is being held, whether it be noise, traffic re-routing and of course the influx of people attending the event.

    There is no way that any governing group should consider cancelling events because a minority group "disapproves" for whatever reason.
  • Freakinoldguy: This falls under the category of "WTF".

    If the site and sound of planes bother our new immigrants so much perhaps we should disband our military and shut down all airports to ensure they aren't traumatized or better yet move these poor traumatized people along with the idiot who posted the Tweet to Inuvik where there is very little chance they'll see anything in the air except black flies and the occasional polar bear in a biplane. :roll:
  • Thanos: Given the nature of the Toronto city council I fully expect them to abolish the air show in order to placate the whiners. After they let BLM destroy the Pride parade it would be wise to expect them to absolutely anything they want in order to secure their cred among the SJW types.
  • Prof_Chomsky:
    It's times like this we need a lot more emoticons for idiocy. I swear there's something in the water or air that's making people unable to complete a single logical train of thought.

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