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Link Related to Canada in some say Refugee claims to Canada on track to hit highest levels in nearly 30 years
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  • newz: What a surprise. Next we sign the UN compact on migration is a human right. All going according to plan. Patriots evil! Folk crossing illegally in the dark most desirable. 10 Million Canadians can save 5 billion. Tear down the wall!
  • llama66: Aren't we signing some agreement to resettle people in Canada? I don't really have a problem with this provided they agree to settle and live along the arctic ocean coast for the first 10 years. (Any hope of Citizenship will be tied to living in the far north for 10 years). We'd kill 2 birds with one stone.. we'd strenghten our claim on the arctic and we'd discourage rampant importation of the greats hoards of refugees while maintaining our obligation to the letter of the agreement.
  • BartSimpson: You folks are welcome to take all the terrorists we won't take.
  • PublicAnimalNo9: "BartSimpson" said
    You folks are welcome to take all the terrorists we won't take.

    Don't worry, I'm sure Groper will be more than happy to take them.
  • llama66: Can Canadians apply as refugees to other 'Free' nations?

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