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Link Related to Canada in some say $600M in federal funding for media 'a turning point in the plight of newspapers in Canadaí
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Date  2018-11-23 09:41:16


  • N_Fiddledog: Here's another side of it:

    "Tories accuse Trudeau of bribing media with tax breaks" ... -1.4917411
  • N_Fiddledog: But if you would like to see the CBC's real view concentrated down to a single sentence in a clip go here: ... 84/video/1
  • martin14: It's not a bribe, PM Sox is flat out buying the reporters.
  • Sunnyways: Small town media in Canada has taken a massive hit from so-called platforms (actually media giants) like Facebook and Google. Thereís nobody watching our local government any more to see what they are up to and we are all being sucked into US news (often nonsense about celebs) as if itís our own. Itís a fair trade versus free trade situation. Our media companies need to be helped transition to this new environment. Anyway, Iíd much rather see local papers protected than Bell or Rogers.
  • N_Fiddledog: Calgary MP, Michelle Rempel doesn't like it:

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