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Link Related to Canada in some say 1,000 jobs will be created by $1.2B green energy partnerships between companies, First Nations
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Date  2018-12-18 10:08:31


  • martin14: 1,000 jobs for $1.2 billion ?
    What an incredible waste of money.

    It's like Ontario levels of stupidity. :lol:
  • llama66: That's only 1.2 million invested per job. Sounds perfectly fine to me. /s
  • martin14: Homeowners with solar panels are 'giving their excess power to the grid for free' after government closes energy payment scheme

    The Business Department has announced the closure of the 'export tariff'
    It currently pays householders for excess power that is fed back into the grid
    Opponents warned that ending the tariff would leave householders who install panels from April having to give away their power to energy companies free ... APPED.html

    The government giveth, the government taketh away...

    biggest gang in the house.
  • BeaverFever: "llama66" said
    That's only 1.2 million invested per job. Sounds perfectly fine to me. /s

    It’s not a make-work jobs program it’s an energy program that just happens to employ 1000 people. They didn’t spend the money to employ people it to generate green energy.

    Don’t follow martins lead he’s got the worst instincts and he’s never right.
  • N_Fiddledog: I prefer this title:

    Liberals Using Tax Payer Dollars For Re-Election Campaign – Promise $1.6B In “Shut Up Money” To Energy Sector They Destroyed

    More honest.

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