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Link Related to Canada in some say Mark Norman one of only three people DND refused to give help with legal bills in past two years
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Poster  Freakinoldguy
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Date  2019-03-05 16:56:22


  • Freakinoldguy: People would be well served to remember who was in the room when the discussion about how to deal with Admiral Norman was discussed.
  • Mowich: Scott Brison - for one.
  • llama66: I was there.
  • Freakinoldguy: "llama66" said
    I was there.

    Then, save your pennies because, you'll be on that large list of people who stand to be on the receiving end of a giant shit storm when the gov't is found to have subverted justice to ensure a favourable outcome for themselves.

    Unless of course, you can pick and choose your solicitor client privilege like a certain someone else who was in the room. :roll:
  • llama66: I've already claimed Diplomatic Immunity.

    Me being a retard aside. It's a fucking disgrace how this is all playing out. Jesus.

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