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Link Related to Canada in some say Trade deficits surge to record highs in U.S., Canada
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Date  2019-03-06 06:12:20


  • DrCaleb: #MAGA
  • PluggyRug: I prefer this....
  • DrCaleb: Well, that may be a bit extreme. I don't think trade deficits are that big a deal, but you have hit upon one way to prevent tariffs from eating into the economy.
  • martin14: But Friday's figures show the U.S. economy is still importing more than ever from the rest of the world. A big reason for that is the persistent strength of the U.S. dollar. It makes foreign manufacturers look even cheaper, and gives U.S. consumers even more purchasing power when buying foreign-made products versus domestically produced ones.

    Hmm, we don't seem to have such issues.

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