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Anger at US award for Martin McGuinness's 'military service'
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Date  2019-03-11 09:59:25


  • llama66: IRA piece of scum.
  • BartSimpson: "llama66" said
    IRA piece of scum.

    Be that as it may, if peace is offered and then accepted then you have to move on.

    The man is correctly due some recognition for seeking peace and that deserves both recognition and forgiveness.

    Trust me when I say there's not a single radical jihadi out there whom I would not shake hands with and forgive if they were to make an earnest commitment to rejecting violence and to making peace with all Muslims, all women, and non-Muslims.

    Peace is by far preferable to war. And a peace that ends the killing and that doesn't place one party over another is an honorable peace.
  • llama66: I agree. The Troubles left a pretty deep scar in the Irish psyche.
  • Thanos: "llama66" said
    I agree. The Troubles left a pretty deep scar in the Irish psyche.

    And moron American narrowbacks, who for decades helped fund the violence over there, do nothing but rip the wounds open over and over again when they get some gullible politician or some extremist fellow traveller (like this asshole SF mayor most likely is) to grant an undeserved award to a some gutless killer who proudly murdered by timer and remote control.

    Let us know, Bart, if you feel the same when the left-wing hardcores in charge of San Francisco one day grant the same kind of honour to the PanAm/Lockerbie bombers.
  • llama66: I have a good friend who knew the Reverend Ian Paisley. I mean he really was no better than ole Marty or Jerry Adams... The whole fucking Civil War sucked. UDF, UVA, UFF all no better than the IRA and the PIRA. Its time to turn the page, and move on. I think the south understands that Northern Ireland has no interest in reunification at this time. I am happy that the Irish are no longer killing each other over reunification and God.

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