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Link Related to Canada in some say Jail sentences for 3 police officers who harassed Calgary mother
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Date  2019-03-20 12:04:35


  • llama66: Shocky?
  • DrCaleb: He hates the OPP.
  • llama66: I thought it was all police. Afterall they control (?) the economy(?!)
  • BartSimpson: "DrCaleb" said
    He hates the OPP.

    Maybe with good reason. :idea:

    I know he's a tad different but in my experience people who've dealt with extreme circumstances (such as what's in this story) can seem rather agitated because their stories are so outside the mainstream that people affected by normalcy bias can't process the possibility of an extreme circumstance.

    So I give him the benefit of the doubt.

    I forget who it was but we used to have someone who wrote about gangstalking all the time and the case in this story would certainly qualify as gangstalking by a police department, wouldn't it?

    So who knows? Maybe the gangstalking guy wasn't all that paranoid after all.
  • llama66: I remember my dad (who was a well-known Staff Sargent for a medium sized city in S. Ontario) telling me about a time when the OPP got a domestic with firearm call. They rolled out their TRU unit and they set up on the house, the occupant put his dog out and it started barking at the hidden coppers, so they shot the dog. The occupant came out with a rifle. They dropped him. They had the wrong house.

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