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Link Related to Canada in some say Parking spot dispute ends with machete confrontation in B.C.: police
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Date  2019-05-02 10:33:42


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    "LANGFORD, B.C. -- The RCMP are reminding the public not to engage in road rage after a woman allegedly pulled out a machete during a dispute over a parking spot in Langford, B.C.

    The Mounties say they received a report from a woman on Sunday afternoon who said she was trying to park at Costco when another woman cut her off and "abruptly" took the parking stall.

    When the two women got in an argument over the spot, the one who parked allegedly reached into her vehicle, pulled out a machete, and held it in a threatening way..."
  • BartSimpson: Sweet machete justice!!!
  • BRAH:
  • xerxes: I gotta admit, when I first read the headline I immediately thought of this. But then to read it was a women who pulled out the machete....
  • BRAH:

    The best parking lot fight of 2019. :lol:

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