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Link Related to Canada in some say Threats allegedly made against Shuswap movie theatre staff prompt cancellation of anti-abortion film
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Date  2019-07-06 11:51:20


  • N_Fiddledog: This hasn't just happened in Kelowna. I've been reading about it happening all over for awhile now with this movie - Unplanned.

    The Loony Left makes these threats to deplatform or else, because sometimes threats work. Like they did in Kelowna, apparently.

    I have the movie unplanned on hold at the library for when it comes out on DVD. 13 other brave souls are behind me so let these crazy doxaholics do what they will. Can't stop the signal.

    I don't usually go in for issue movies but tell me I can't see something and I want to see it. As an added perk, I hear Unplanned is actually a pretty good movie.
  • BRAH: "The Violent Left!"
  • raydan: Payback for all that anti-abortion violence, murder, bombing and threats.
  • Tricks: Directors have made other hilariously terrible movies like "God is not dead". I'm sure this will be similarly terrible.
  • fifeboy:

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