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Link Related to Canada in some say 'Appalling': John McCallum pitches China on helping re-elect Trudeau Liberals
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Poster  Freakinoldguy
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Date  2019-07-10 16:11:24


  • Freakinoldguy: When Macleans magazine goes after the Liberals you know it's got to be something bad. Apparently certain very high ranking members of the Liberal Party and Trudeau appointees are now encouraging foreign gov'ts to make decisions about Canada that would help ensure their re election.

    Providing further fodder to Conservatives who believe the Trudeau Liberals are a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Communist Party of China, former ambassador to China and Trudeau appointee John McCallum urged Beijing to cool it with the Canada bashing, lest it lead to the election of a Conservative government less satisfactory to China.

    Trudeau promised he'd prevent foreign intervention in the next election yet here he is allowing his party members to actively solicit help from the Chinese Communist Gov't.

    I can't remember any time before this that a party in power publicly sought help from a foreign gov't to stay in power and that was likely for the obvious reason that you'll be beholding to that foreign gov't for the rest of your tenure in power.

    I'm also pretty sure that since Trump is running the US Trudeau won't be able to count on the Clinton's to sponsor his campaign. Well that and the fact that the Clinton's will likely need all the money they can get their hands on for defense attorney's or hitmen. :P

    Actions like this not only undermine democracy, they show how willing this current gov't and it's leader are to sell out Canadians so he can retain power.

    So, if the Liberals happen to get relected you can be sure the Chinese will be expecting a return on their investment from the Liberal Party.
  • BeaverFever: You must not have read past the headline this little blurb is hardly describing foreign intervention. FUI China and the Trudeau government arenít getting along right now.
  • Freakinoldguy: "BeaverFever" said
    You must not have read past the headline this little blurb is hardly describing foreign intervention. FUI China and the Trudeau government arenít getting along right now.

    Fair enough and technically you're right but, only technically. Having a high ranking "Liberal and former Trudeau gov't official" requesting a foreign gov't lay off your country or they might get a much less compliant gov't "that isn't as friendly to their interests as the current one" is just as direct a request for foreign intervention in an election as having the Russians post crap on Facebook trying to alter the outcome of the American election.

    So here's the question. Why hasn't Trudeau come out and either chastised McCallum or explained why it's alright to solicit help from foreign gov'ts to keep yourself in power?

    McCallum has now painted Trudeau into a corner.

    If the Chinese suddenly quit acting like well, communist assholes and drop all the bans on Canadian imports it's going to look like Trudeau master minded the whole thing and not only requested but allowed foreign intervention in a Canadian election.

    But, if they don't relent he's still got the albatross of McCallum's request for foreign intervention hanging over his head because there is no logical or ethical reason for not stepping up and claiming that this was all McCallum's idea and has nothing to do with the gov't or party.

    It's almost like McCallum is trying to sink Trudeau? Maybe he's still pissed at the PM for firing him after his controversial statements about Chinese Communist Barbie's incarceration. ROTFL
  • DrCaleb: I'm kind of surprised they even made McCallum ambassador to such an important trading partner in the first place. He was known for all his 'engage mouth before brain in gear' moments while he was in office.

    Now that he's a private citizen, I'll bet Chinese media knows he's prone to this, and are interviewing him in order to get his gaffs on the record to put more pressure on the Government of Canada.
  • herbie: Yes he's got himself in much shit for stating the obvious.

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