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Link Related to Canada in some say Alberta government orders schools to remove 'public' from their names, at unknown cost
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Poster  DrCaleb
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Date  2019-09-09 05:27:14


  • DrCaleb: "at unknown cost"

    Your tax dollars at work!
  • llama66: Not shocked. The UCP will will ensure they set Alberta back to 1993 in terms of services. Then in another 20 years when the electorate smartens up again, we'll have to pour 10 times the amount of money into repairing the programs we would have, had we just maintained what we had.
  • DrCaleb: Turning school to 'for profit' can have no good outcomes. Schools are already underfunded and poorly maintained. If a company expects to extract profit from them, the most likely outcome is piss poor students.
  • Thanos: "But there has been suspicion of the Kenney government toward public education for a while. He is closely aligned with private schools, with homeschoolers, he never went to public education himself."

    Ought to be a few seconds before someone chimes in with the revised version, that "public" always meant "communist" or "Satanist" or whatever it is these drizzleshit maniacs on the far right have thought up to justify this kind of stupidity. Give it time and will every school building simply have "School, sponsored by PepsiCo" or "School, a division of Raytheon" on it? Hey, new growth market and lots of hiring of labourers to remove the old names and labels from school buildings, right? Make Alabama, err, Alberta Great Again! Kind of looking like the Kenney years are going to be a right-wing version of what Trudeau The Elder did to the entire country, in that by the time he's done no one will be able to recognize Alberta anymore. And, just like with dirty old Pierre, in hindsight none of it will be a good thing.
  • PublicAnimalNo9: Or ya know, since both "public" and "separate" schools are run by the same board and funded by the same taxes anyway, why bother with signage distinction?

    Assuming that Alberta has done the same as Ontario insofar as opening up the separate schools to total public funding and operating them under the same school board.

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