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Link Related to Canada in some say Green Party would decriminalize all drug possession if elected
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Date  2019-09-21 17:47:43


  • GreenTiger: I always knew She was into heavy dope. If elected she would be legal.
  • Mowich: Talk about chumming for votes..........May is off the chart with this one.
  • Thanos: Not a bad idea actually. And we'd be better off becoming drug dealers anyway given that a Green government would probably put about 90% of us out of work with their policies.
  • CDN_PATRIOT: She's beyond bonkers. The other day, May went on record saying that if she was elected PM ( ROTFL ), she'd completely ban all cars that run on gasoline. If the drugs don't kill her, Big Oil or the Mafia probably will. Her (and the Greens) idea of a utopia still looks like a giant Frutopia more than anything else.

  • BeaverFever: Morality laws shouldn’t be criminal offences. At one time alcohol and adultery were illegal too. Cigarettes are an extremely addictive substance that can kill you and anyone else forced to breathe your second-hand smoke, should that also be illegal then?

    Note that “decriminalize” doesn’t necessarily mean legalizing, it could mean its just a ticket offence like jaywalking or littering.

    Also note that she’s talking about simple possession not trafficking or dealing

    Countries like Portugal and the Netherlands have had a lot of success with decriminalization of drug possession. A lot of the opposition is just the typical conservative knee-jerk opposition to any new ideas and is not really well supported by facts.

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