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‘Joker’ Smashes October Record With $93.5 Million Debut
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Date  2019-10-06 10:20:12


  • N_Fiddledog: From the Daily Mail:

    "'It's way too terrifying':

    Joker viewers around the world WALK OUT of movie theaters and urge cinemas to BAN the ultra-violent film saying it glamorizes gun crime and deals with mental health issues in a 'triggering' way

    Some moviegoers bashed Joker on Twitter and said they walked out
    A fan claimed Joker was 'too terrifying' considering 'what is going on the world'
    Others are raving about the twisted R-rated portrayal of Batman's nemesis
    The film is raking in cash, breaking the October opening day box office record
    So far there have been no serious incidents despite fears of a shooting
    One theater in California shut down for a night after police received a threat
    In Manhattan a disruptive patron was escorted out after scaring moviegoers
    Police across the nation have high security in place for Joker screenings" ... atres.html

  • Freakinoldguy: So, I'm assuming that these perpetually butt hurts don't understand the difference between a movies artistic license and reality. Nor do they seem to understand the concept of "free will" because if they did, they'd realise that they aren't obliged to go to a movie they think is to violent for their own personal consumption and therefore should have no right to attempt to take away others rights to make their own choices.

    I weep for our society.

    As for watching it, after the debacle that was Marvel's End Game I think I'll wait till it comes out on video before I spend any money on it.
  • FieryVulpine: I saw Joker last Friday. Am I supposed to go on a rampage?
  • Freakinoldguy: "FieryVulpine" said
    I saw Joker last Friday. Am I supposed to go on a rampage?

    Apparently. :wink:
  • Thanos: Despite the best effort of the media to start a new moral panic, absolutely nothing happens due to naughty movie becoming successful and popular. :lol:

    One of those clear moments where the crusading social left has everything in common with the social conservatives. No one's ever died as the result of a fictional movie with the film being a direct provoker of violence. Or from rock and roll, or Dungeons & Dragons, or a thousand other entertainments or amusements the scolds can't ever tolerate. But that doesn't mean they won't stop trying to incite a panic to fit their political agenda. Aye, the world 'tis only fit for assholes now. :|

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