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  • Martin15: So, what made him do it ?
  • N_Fiddledog: "Martin15" said
    So, what made him do it ?

    Edmonton police are tight lipped about background details but Heavy.Com managed to scrape up some facts.

    * An ISIS flag was found inside the suspect’s car, the CBC reports. Police confirmed that detail, but have not released further information, including whether they believe the suspect had contact with ISIS fighters overseas, or if he was inspired to commit the attacks in Edmonton on their behalf. The so-called Islamic State has often encouraged its followers to commit attacks through any means possible, including random stabbings and by using vehicles as weapons.

    * The suspect, identified by multiple media outlets as Abdulahi Sharif, is originally from Somalia and has refugee status in Canada, according to Royal Canadian Mounted Police Assistant Commissioner Marlin Degrand.

    * Degrand said authorities made the decision to treat the case as possible terrorism because of “the totality of the information,” including “the nature of the incident, the nature of the evidence found at the initial scene and the actions of the suspect.”

    * Police would not provide information about other evidence that was found, other than the ISIS flag. When asked if they could confirm that a manifesto with anti-Semitic writing was found during the investigation, Degrand and Knecht declined to answer.

    * Abdulahi Sharif was known to authorities before the attack, Edmonton Police Chief. Public Safety Minister, Ralph Goodale, said Sunday that Sharif was on a “police watch list,”

    * At a later press conference, Royal Canadian Mounted Police Assistant Commissioner Marlin Degrand said that Sharif was investigated by the RCMP in 2015 after a complaint was made that he was “espousing extremist ideology.” ... otos-isis/


    At a busy border crossing just south of San Diego, Abdulahi Hasan Sharif walked into the United States on July 12, 2011.

    He had no documents and no right to be there. Almost immediately, he was turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

    What happened after Sharif was taken into U.S. custody is unclear; American officials won't say if he actually made an asylum claim in that country. But U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has confirmed that just a few months later, on September 22, 2011, an immigration judge ordered Sharif removed to Somalia.

    Canadian officials have confirmed that Sharif arrived in this country at an official port of entry in 2012. He went through the "regular process" and was granted refugee status later that year, the government said.

    ?Canada accepted about 90 per cent of asylum claims from Somalia in 2012, according to documents from the Canadian Council for Refugees. ... -1.4330527
  • DrCaleb: "Martin15" said
    So, what made him do it ?

    From the police informant they put in his cell, he did it because he was driving without insurance, and because he got scared he would be arrested. ... -1.5312644

    You know what wasn't in the trial? Any mention of an ISIS flag, and no charges related to terrorism. :idea:
  • raydan: Conspiracy theories are more fun.
  • DrCaleb: "raydan" said
    Conspiracy theories are more fun.

    Perhaps so, but the damage they do is not.

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