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WWE wrestling stars reportedly 'held hostage' at Saudi airport after row over cutting of live feed
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Date  2019-11-06 11:47:54


  • Freakinoldguy: Sounds like Bin Salman has a few more anger issues to overcome before he becomes the Saudi nomination for Man of The Year.

    You've really got to wonder about Vince McMahon's mental health for returning to that 12th century death trap after they refused to pay him for previous visits.
  • Thanos: Vince is mentally stuck in the same place as Justin Trudeau in regards to the Saudis, in that "we honour our contracts", no matter how barbarically the Arabs behave. Which would be one hell of surprise to the dozens, if not hundreds, of folks who had signed deals with McMahon over the years and ended up with nothing after he ripped them off. As a wrasslin' fan this last trip to Saudi was particularly awful and them putting two hot blondes from the women's division in burkas to have a meaningless match was pretty bad. Even more so when the girls had to spout the corporate line of pure bullshit about how things are "progressing" for women & girls in the Kingdom.

    The only good thing about WWE's deal with the desert folk is that it turns out to be their lowest-viewed PPV of the year. It shows that a lot of fans just aren't going along with it so if Vince thought he could lead us around by the noses, just because he firmly believes that he "knows what the viewers want", then he's got to be sorely disappointed by the viewing numbers.

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