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Link Related to Canada in some say Inquiry commissioner Steve Allan handed $905K sole-source contract to son's law firm
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Category  Provincial Politics
Poster  DrCaleb
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Date  2019-11-14 06:49:43


  • DrCaleb: *sniff* *sniff*

    Smells like "entitlement".
  • stratos: I think you mean nepotism
  • BeaverFever: Itís ok because heís conservative. Conservatives are above the law and exempt from all policies and norms of society, remember?

    Glad to see their phoney witch hunt s off to an honest start
  • Thanos: No good that instead of copying Quebec on constitutional firewalls Alberta opts to copy Quebec liberals on petty good ol' boy things like Adscam, Shawinigate, and SNC Lavalin. Heads should roll, but it appears that we're heading down a MAGA/Liberal-style path of corruption no matter how much most of us don't want to go that way. :|
  • DrCaleb: "stratos" said
    I think you mean nepotism

    It can be both. Sole sourcing a contract, and giving it to a family member.

    Allison Redford recieved an RCMP investigation when she did this to her ex Husbands' firm. Will Albertan's even know about it?

    And bless the CBC for keeping the UCP government on their toes. No one else seems to be.

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