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Poster  llama66
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Date  2019-12-03 06:36:25


  • llama66: Remember when a great man once said "I yearn for the day when my son is not judged for the colour of his skin, but for the content of his character"? What the fuck happened. I don't give two shits what the colour of your skin is. I care how we treat each other. White, Black, Brown are just skin pigmatations, in the end we are all Human. The sooner we realize the colour of our skin is meaningless; the sooner we can progress as a society.

    I think future generations will look back on the Social Justice movement of the 21st Century and call it a dark age.
  • xerxes: Itís interesting you reference MLKís famous quote because thatís what this was about. The Flamesí coach was let go because of his character, which was shown to be bigoted and abusive. Same for Mike Babcock and possibly now Marc Crawford.
  • llama66: Couple things,

    It's not about character.
    1. Babs was fired because he lost the dressing room. He was not fired for misconduct, his team lost 6 in a row, all this he's a terrible person shit came out post-termination.
    2. ďI said to Kwame, I donít see you as black, I donít see Tara as a woman. And then I realized, ĎThereís your white male privilege. You know what, Ron? You donít have to see that because you donít need to see that.'Ē This is what the MLK quote was about.
  • llama66: And really if Marc Crawford kicked Sean Avery then the courts should handle it. Its is not for us to mete out "justice" this is how we as a society break down.
  • Thanos: Hard to think of anyone else in hockey who deserved a good fucking kick to the ass as much as a grandstanding cheap-shot artist and all-around puke like Sean Avery did. :|

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