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Link Related to Canada in some say Crown admits Edmonton police used 'unnecessary force' in arrest of truck thief
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Poster  DrCaleb
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Date  2019-12-13 05:24:10


  • uwish: cops will never 'stop' other cops, they walk away. If they intervene then it means something is / was wrong with another badge's goes against their unwritten code.

    Scum bags like this well, do I feel badly he got his ass beat? no but it doesn't make it right, what if that was one of the many cases where they have the wrong person, or charges were dropped etc etc. That is a different ball game.
  • BartSimpson: A Crown prosecutor admitted on Thursday that Edmonton police used "unnecessary force" during the June arrest captured on civilian cellphone video of a truck thief who was kicked repeatedly and thrown head first into a brick wall after he was handcuffed.

    That would be charged as attempted murder had Parkhurst done that to one of the fuckers with a badge.

    And guess what? It was still an act of attempted murder.

    But yeah, magical blue line and all that shit so the criminals get away with this so they can go trample on someone else's rights and maybe even kill someone else. :|
  • DrCaleb: As compensation, the guy pleaded guilty to a bunch of charges and the Crown dropped a whole bunch more. How magnanimous. :roll:

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