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China marks the 82nd anniversary of Nanjing Massacre on the National Day of Remembrance
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Date  2019-12-13 23:15:33


  • Martin15: 8,000 people gather to mourn the victims of Nanjing Massacre in China on 82nd anniversary of the WWII bloodbath that saw '300,000 slaughtered by Japanese troops'

    Students, workers and survivors of the killing spree paid tribute at the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall today
    The bloodbath began on December 13 in 1937 and witnessed a multitude of atrocities by Japanese soldiers
    More than 300,000 people, including many babies, were estimated to be bayoneted in the six-week carnage
    China and Japan have long sparred over their painful history, especially the mass killing in the former capital
  • Sunnyways: Japanís amnesia about WWII atrocities weakens its ability to contain the influence of the PRC in Asia. For example, the current dispute with South Korea has its roots in such denialism. Admittedly, the South Korean administration should shoulder some of the blame but it is the Japanese who need to take the big steps:

    Following the German model of atonement would increase Japanese prestige throughout the former co-prosperity sphere. It would be painful within Japan and might cost a few politicians their jobs but the country needs to come to terms with its past.
  • CharlesAnthony: The city was essentially abandoned by Chinese Nationalist leader Chiang Kai-Shek who called for the removal of most official troops following a brutal loss in Shanghai.

    He forbade official evacuation of civilians and ordered the untrained troops left to defend the city at any cost.
    Oh, I get it!
    There is more to the story that we are not to know.

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