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Biden to Coal Miners: Learn to Code
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Date  2019-12-31 09:54:25


  • Martin15: Creepy Joe, invoking the best of the Hildebeast.

    It's like they are trying to lose on purpose. :lol:
  • herbie: Gov't funding to allow older workers to retire early? To retrain other displaced workers like in other countries? No that's socialist!
    Instead teach them to say over and over again
    Would you like some fries with that?
    Teaching coding would mean they stayed unemployed, they won't 'compete' against the $5 a day coders in India...
  • xerxes: Maybe don't learn to code, but definitely learn something else. Coal is dying and their jobs will soon too.
  • N_Fiddledog: Remember last year when the meme "Learn to code" was thrown back in the media's face. That was funny.

    Bring on the 'Learn to code, Joe" memes when his campaign falls flat.

    Oh...and just in case you forgot. :wink:

  • herbie: After 40 years in computers/electronics 'learn to code' makes me laugh. Most people can't find their Windows Start button, let alone set up their new TV set. Fuck, a disgusting number can't read & write.
    And the bulk of adults won't learn they're unteachable. Outright hostile to anyone who tries to show them how to do anything, they simply REFUSE to learn anymore.
    Next politician that mentions "code" ask them what code, Python, C++, html, Perl, Php? Observe their jaw drop and blank stare....(and remember their office just finished upgrading to Windows 7)

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